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Your Ultimate Guide when Buying Engine Parts for your ATV


All terrain vehicles or ATVs are an excellent way for getting around and enjoy off-road situations. These vehicles’ four-wheel design offers them stability for getting through any kind of terrain. The majority of ATVs are made with a rider in mind, though a few of them accommodate a passenger. It is possible for ATVs to have engine troubles, thus, it is a great idea to know its engine’s parts. This can help when the need to get replacements parts like replacement ski-doo stator will arise. Here is a guide to give you an overview of these parts.


The cam is attached to the camshaft. The camshaft is used for operating the poppet valves and has a cylindrical rod which runs the cylinder bank’s length with some oblong lobes sticking out. Each valve has a cam which forces the valves open as they press on the valve. Usually, problems with camshaft can be fixed by changing the ATV’s oil as oil losing its viscosity will result in the creation of abnormal noises by the camshaft from uneven lobe wear.

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Clutch Parts

The ATV’s clutch includes the cover, basket, springs and plates. The clutch is a mechanical device which enables power to be transmitted to a component to another. Every component of the clutch of an ATV can be bought in a clutch kit. Clutch kit variables include elevation at which the vehicle is to be utilized, the kind of tire, ATV model as well as exhaust and stock motor.


This engine part combines the engine’s air-fuel mixture. It causes the fast move of the air lowering its static pressure and increasing its dynamic pressure. The carburetor mechanisms are actuated by the accelerator. Such mechanisms measure the air flow into the engine. Also, the airflow’s speed identifies the amount of fuel pulled into the airstream. When the engine of an ATV runs roughly, the carburetor may have dirt.

Crankshaft Assemblies

This part of the engine of an ATV works by translating the reciprocating linear piston motion into rotation. Crankshaft stress can come from forces which cause the bending of the shaft on either end or in the center. Also, stress can result from twisting, thus the rod must be checked where it tends to always twist.

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Vales of an ATV engine control the vapor or gas quantity and timing. In this engine, the cylinder head’s intake and exhaust ports are opened and closed by the valves. These valves are flat metal disks that have a long rod named the valve stem which is attached to a side.