When It Comes To Buying a New Or Used Car, It Is Clear Which One Is The Better Option.

A car is a necessary part of daily life and it would be very difficult to travel around the city without one. Sure, you could take a bus or a train, but it doesn’t pick you up right at your front door and it certainly doesn’t drop you off exactly where you want to be. The car offers convenience that you just don’t get by public transport. You could take a taxi, but the bills will soon mount up to a considerable sum if you were using one every day to get to all the places that you need to go to. It is a necessary expense and the costs of keeping a car on Australian roads nowadays can go into many hundreds of dollars before you even put the key in the ignition. It makes sense, therefore, not to buy a new car, but a used or second hand one.

There is no longer the stigma attached to the purchase of a second hand car where you are dealing with a fly by night salesman who is out to get you and your money. Buying a used car is a sensible and safe option for Australians and there are many benefits to be gained. If you live in Canberra, second hand cars are available in great numbers and the advantages are many. Here are just some of them.

  1. Obviously, a used car is going to be cheaper to buy and so you don’t suffer due to the appreciation that would occur if you had bought a new one. The moment that new car drives out of the dealership, it looses up to 30 % of its value right then, in a matter of moments. A used car will continue to depreciate, but at a much slower pace than that of a new one.
  1. When buying new, most get sucked into the optional extras that add hundreds of dollars onto the price of the car. Funnily, adding these on does not increase the value of the car. If you still feel that you would like the additions, then you can get them added to your used car for a much cheaper price at your local garage.
  1. When you buy new, you are hit with fees that the dealership will add on. They charge you a delivery fee even though you are picking the car up from the showroom yourself. Then, there is the ‘dealer preparation’ fee to contend with, but you don’t get any of this nonsense when you buy a car from your local used car dealer. The price is the price and there are no hidden extras.

There are virtually thousands of quality used cars out there just waiting for you to come along and pick them. They are affordable, reliable and many dealers offer additional warranties in relation to the engine and gearbox. Get yourself down to your local dealer today and find the car of your dreams. There are no excuses not to anymore.