Useful Questions You Should Ask When Shipping your Car

Car shipping is a venture which requires the car owner to do some research and understand the entire process. From preparing the car to packing and to picking the right shipping company, the car owner is held responsible from day one. Auto Transport Hawaii Inc. and other shipping companies have provided certain answers to customer queries to make them understand how the process is done from beginning to end.

If you think you do not have enough information to fully understand how car shipping is done, here are a few questions you can ask yourself of the company representative before paying for the shipping service:

  • What is the budget? – The budget is a primary consideration. It dictates which kind of transport system you are going to opt for. If you have a minimal budget for the shipment, then you can go for open carriers. These transport systems may seem cheap but you have to be ready about increased risks. The open carriers are more prone to natural hazards and man-made hassles such as theft. Moreover, if you have the right amount of money, then you can opt for closed trailer trucks that can protect your vehicle from damage or loss.
  • What is the delivery date? – Waiting is a disappointment. Discuss with the shipper how long it will take them to transport your car. Usually, they would give estimates anticipating for any road hazards or unexpected circumstances like the weather. Delivery dates are not exact so you can opt for trackers from Auto Transport Hawaii Inc. – a service innately provided by shipping companies for you to know updates and exact locations of the vehicle at the time of checking.
  • How do I pack my vehicle? – Packing guides can be found online. Again, preparing your vehicle for transport highly depends on its type and mode of transport. ATVs for instance need to be harnessed while cars can be loaded at the trailer with certain specific position and weight requirement.
  • How do I deal with loss or damages? – Most shipping companies are covered with insurance as per government policy. Some $50,000 is the industry standard to be carried by the transporter. Other carriers may offer less. No matter the amount offered, what is important is for you to document the current situation of the vehicle and compare it with the delivery report as detailed in the Bill of Lading. This way, you can compare the condition of your car before and after it was shipped.

Author Bio: Donald Reynolds is an experienced auto transport service provider to different areas in the United States. Shipping to and from Hawaii entails several services detailed here