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Understand the Importance of Processes and Procedures in Car Accident Claims


When a car accident occurs on the road in the United Kingdom, the first priority is ensuring everyone involved is not seriously injured. When injuries are sustained, it is important for the parties to quickly and efficiently obtain access to medical care. Within these frantic and intense moments, few people are thinking of the legal consequences of the accident. However, when the dust settles and all individuals involved are recovered from the events, fault and personal injury claims become a major topic of discussion.

Deciding to Bring a Claim

When bringing a car accident claim, there are a number of procedures and processes involved. There are the processes of how to lodge a claim and where to bring it, the wording and information needed in the actual claim, and procedures that may affect the validity of your claim. Keeping all of this straight can be difficult, but knowing the legal basics before or soon after an accident occurs can be extremely helpful.  Information on car accident claims at ukclaimlawyers.co.uk can assist those who were recently involved in an accident.

Time Requirements of Procedure

First and very importantly, there are strict time limits on when a personal injury claim related to a car accident can be brought. Throughout the United Kingdom, a claim must be initiated within three years of the accident or when the injuries of the accident become known. If the case is not initiated within these three years, then it is impossible to start a court case.

However, if it seems difficult to know exactly when the three-year limitation begins to accrue, it can be. In most situations the three years starts on the day of the accident. However, there are a number of times when the effects of a car accident are not immediately apparent. In these instances, the beginning of the three years can be delayed. As well, if the accident results in death, the three-year window for a claim does not begin until the date of death.

Consider an accident in which one of the individuals involved is in shock and does not feel the back injury sustained in the impact, whether due to adrenaline or simply because the injury was of a nature or type that the soreness was not immediate. If this was an injury to the neck or back it could linger for a long time and really rack up medical bills. In this situation, the three years begins to run when the pain begins.

Process Requirements

There are also requirements for the structure of the claim itself. The different courts in the United Kingdom have different requirements for the format of the claim. These requirements range from the heading required on the filed documents to the information that must be included in the lodged complaint. If these requirements are not met, the entire claim could be invalid.

There is no point in taking a risk with the lodging of a complaint. Those who are entitled to a fair and substantial amount of compensation could walk away with nothing if the claim is mishandled. While a lot of information is available through web resources and articles, the best source of advice is speaking directly with a lawyer.