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Truck Insurance: Is it mandatory to hire Cargo Insurance for our truck?


The insurance freight is one of the main guarantees protecting carriers in carrying out their activity. In fact, many truckers ask our brokers if it is mandatory to hire a Cargo Insurance for the truck. And the truth is that it is not, but if you are a carrier and you are dedicated to the transport of merchandise by road, you may have no choice but to hire it. Let’s see why it is so important to secure the truck’s load and how we can do it.

Truck Insurance for the Goods

The Merchandise Insurance normally responds to the damages suffered by the cargo transported, although it may also include civil liability coverage in the event of damages that may or will have been caused by the cargo. It is a very flexible guarantee, which must be adapted to circumstances as diverse as the transport and cargoes to which it offers coverage. But let’s see what reason that make your hiring necessary. You can check this website – non-standard markets for a more professional briefing.

Why is it Necessary to Hire a Cargo Truck Insurance?

The need to contract this coverage is explained, first of all, it is mandated by the law in many countries.

Most laws say the same thing on this aspect that is the normative text states that the “carrier”, that is, the transporter responsible for the truck, will be responsible for loss of the goods being transported, also for breakdowns that they might incur, from the moment or time of receiving till its delivery at its destination.

In addition, it indicates that the driver of the truck must also answer for the damages derived by the delay in the transport of the cargo, within the framework of the specified company in the Law. That leaves on the shoulders of the truck driver good part of the responsibility of the load during the transfer from one point to another, with the consequences -especially economic- that this entails.