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The Smart Way to Rent a Car


Renting a car in the traditional way has always been your only option, in the event you need a vehicle for a short time, and while the system has always worked, there are alternatives. There are many motorists who do not use their car for a majority of the time, and by connecting these people with others who are looking to hire a vehicle, a mutually satisfactory agreement is made between the car owner and the hirer, and the fee is paid directly into the car owner’s bank account.

Car Hire Between People

If a person wishes to rent a car using the website, they must first register. This process involves screening, and providing all is well, the person can register and begin to browse the car lists. The vehicle database is easy to navigate, and with dropdown menus, you can locate the ideal car that is in your area. Once you have made contact with the car owner, simply arrange a date and time for the collection and both parties will meet, then after a quick inspection of the vehicle, you have the keys and away you go!

The Car Owners

From a vehicle owner’s perspective, this is a great opportunity to make some extra money by hiring it out to screened drivers. The hosting company has a special insurance policy that supersedes the owner’s insurance, so both parties can have peace of mind. You have complete control over when your car is listed as available, and as you are not using the vehicle, why not make some money for doing almost nothing?

Hiring a Car

Once you have registered, things just couldn’t be easier. Login to the site, and using a series of dropdown menus, you can source the ideal car in your area, then make contact with the owner, arrange to meet, and the car is yours to drive away. The huge costs of running a car have made many people realise that they no longer need to own a car, as they can rent whenever they need one, and with so many cars registered, variety is the spice of life. All the vehicles are in good condition, and you are automatically covered by the host company’s comprehensive insurance, and on the occasion you need a car, simply login and browse.


Perhaps you plan to take your partner on a romantic weekend away and would like something a little sporty, or you plan to take the family on that driving holiday and were thinking of an SUV, whatever the occasion, there will be the right vehicle near your location. With a little planning, you can be sure to have access to any type of vehicle, whenever you require it, and the money you save by not having to maintain a car can go towards your next holiday.

Whether you are looking to hire a car, or you would like to make some extra money by allowing people to rent your vehicle, car hire between people is the ideal system.