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The Best Place in Canada for Reliable Brakes


Canada is a vast country, broad in size and rich in culture.  It is the kind of place that would be suited by a cross country road trip, much like the United States. But to take a trip like that you will want to make sure your car is operating at its finest and this includes a high quality braking system. And the best place to address all your braking needs may just be


Of course, if you need new brakes, it might just be best to install a whole new brake kit. As such, you could simply opt to pick up one of these.  Cross Drilled Rotors offers several kits to suit the wide variety of vehicles on the road today.

  • Black XD Cross Drilled Brake Kit: cross-drilled brake rotor with anti-rust coating that is paired with Carbon performance brake pads; best in terms of overall performance
  • Silver Series Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Kit: cross-drilled and slotted brake rotor with zinc plating that is also paired with Carbon performance brake pads; considered the best in terms of stopping power
  • Premium X-Coated Brake Kit: electrostatic coated rust proof brake rotor that is paired with Premium Ceramic brake pads
  • G3000 Brake Kit: standard OEM brake rotors with standard double-grind finish and semi-metallic brake pads; considered a fair replacement at a reasonable price (not for performance vehicles).


If you only need brake pads (which should be replaced about every 20,000 miles or so) then you could just opt for one of the:

  • standard replacement brake pads
  • Premium Ceramic Brake pads
  • Carbon Performance Brake pads
  • Original Formula brake pads

Of course, which brake pad type you need will depend on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the type of driving you do (casual, street race, long haul, etc).


in addition, if you are conducting your own vehicle maintenance you could have the need to replace various other brake system parts.

  • Drum brake shoe
  • Parking brake shoe
  • brake drums
  • disc brake caliper
  • brake pad wear sensor
  • wheel cylinder

Each brake system part may also have its own separate life span and could require its own set of guidance and recommendations.