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Take a Second Look at the CTS


The Fun Choice

Visit your local Cadillac dealership to check out the CTS – a standout choice in the crowded small sedan segment. Most of the choices in this market are bland and unexciting. Manufacturers assume that anyone looking for a practical and reliable car doesn’t care about the car being stylish or fun. Cadillac takes a different approach, an approach typified by the CTSr. This car is very handsome and fun to drive. It has won rave reviews from automotive publications around the globe. It is a small sedan that invites you to drive it in a spirited manner. The fuel economy lives up to Mazda’s quoted figure, no matter how much fun you’re having. The CTS is the only choice in the small sedan segment for buyers that enjoy driving. There are other choices that may get you from point A to point B, but the CTS will help you enjoy the journey more than you ever thought was possible.

An Interior You’ll Actually Want to Spend Time In

The interior of the CTS is just as stylish as the exterior, if not more so. In fact,  it’s been called it the best car interior available for under $100,000. When you consider that the CTS is much cheaper than that, this is a remarkable accolade. The interior design blends ergonomics and style into an attractive and comfortable package. The controls are designed to be within easy reach without distracting the driver in any way. A large touch-screen display that sits just above the air vents provides information and entertainment functions. It can also be controlled via a knob on the console. The available leather seats are comfortable, provide plenty of support, and ensure an excellent driving position. The CTS’s interior fares well when compared to the uncomfortable and cheap interiors of it’s competitors. In fact, many have compared it to more expensive cars. It is even better equipped than some of these cars, and many consumers agree that it is more ergonomic.

The Exterior of a Much More Expensive Car

The first thing you’ll notice about the new four door CTS is the strikingly pretty exterior. You may associate an inexpensive sedan with bland or even ugly bodywork, but this is not the case with the CTS. It has been called the most beautiful car in its class. Both consumers and car reviewers have raved about the CTS’s looks since it came out, and this praise has only intensified over the last few years. The trademark straight edges have been retained, but the stance has gotten lower and more muscular. You might not think that a car you can find in a Cadillac dealership could look like this, but you need to take a second look at your local Cadillac dealership.