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Roadtripping in the UK


There is nothing quite like hopping in the car and going on a road trip in the UK. Whether it is taking the family to Brighton for a weekend on the beach, heading up to Manchester for a stag or hen night or simply exploring the country, a road trip creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course, it is a good idea to be prepared before embarking on a road trip. While most people will bring a phone along with them and some might even have a GPS device or old fashion map, these are not the only items required for a successful adventure. Here are four things that must be done before any road trip to ensure the journey is worry free.

Step 1 – Pack essentials

Most people bring bathing suits, toothbrushes and other personal items for convenience. And while these are important, it is also wise to bring along some basic necessities in case something goes wrong along the way. These include bottled water, snacks and blankets. Having these on hand will be really handy should the car break down on the side of the road.

Bringing some automotive essentials such as a spare tyre and the equipment required to replace it is worth considering too. Sometimes it can take hours to get someone out from the local garage to come out and replace it, especially during holidays when the number of distressed motoristsincreases significantly. Be prepared and have a better road trip.

Step 2 – Save some extra money

There is nothing worse than being on a road trip and running out of funds. This is especially true if something goes wrong. Inclement weather can shut down roads, a car can break and any number of other issues can arise. That is whyanyone going on a road trip should set aside a few extra quid in case of emergency.

Doing this is a good way to avoid being stranded in some town hundreds of kilometres away from home until funds for car repairs can be secured. It also means lodging can be afforded if for some reason it is impossible to hit the road. This is much better than having to sleep in the car or on the street because there was no extra money saved up.

Step 3 – Know what to do in case of an accident

No one wants to think about getting into a car accident, but these do happen on holidays. This can lead to road trippers getting confused as to what to do, especially if an injury occurs. Believe it or not, it’s possible to make car accident claims on holiday that can cover injury expenses as well as vehicle damage. Be sure to contact a lawyer who can better explain what options are available.

Step 4 – Fill up the car with petrol

One of the most common mistakes people make before road tripping is not putting petrol in the car. Do it before leaving town to avoid having the trip end abruptly on the side of the road.

Road tripping in the UK is fun, but being prepared will ensure if anything goes wrong, things will still be okay. Don’t let a road trip end in disaster by following these four steps before taking off