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Reasons to Live in Arizona!


My wife and I love living in Arizona. We moved out here a few years ago from New York and never looked back. Sure, we miss everyone at home, but the mild winters, abundant sunshine, affordable real estate, proximity to dozens of amazing attractions car wash near Chandler, AZ , and low-cost of living, easily make up for that.

We settled in a town named Goodyear located about twenty minutes west of downtown Phoenix. It’s the best of both worlds as we enjoy suburban living, but have access to everything the city offers. It’s also easier to get out-of-town as we don’t have to wade through city traffic to hit the open road.

We’ve also been able to considerably upgrade our standard of living. We owned a nice home in New York, but that was by New York standards. We traded our 1928 Cape Cod for a one story Spanish-style-ranch built-in 2002. The new house also has a three car garage, a built-in pool, an outdoor kitchen, and two more bathrooms and bedrooms than our old digs. My wife has her own office, and I even have enough yard space to chip golf balls. We managed all this for about half the price of our place in New York.

Did someone mention golf? There are about 250 courses just in the greater Phoenix area. I’ve played over twenty different courses out here without ever driving more than an hour. T time specials are always easy to come by, too. Some courses charge half price at certain times of day. Others offer free lunch and a drink with the round.

We considered moving to Florida at first, but we like that Tucson, Sedona, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon – just to name a few – are no more than a half day drive from Goodyear. Also, even though the summer temperatures run about 10 degrees hotter here, than in Florida, the difference in humidity makes it much more bearable.

Of course, with the good, always comes some bad. The very low humidity makes for a lot of dust in the air. It seems like I’m always hosing down the house windows, mopping the floor, or getting the car washed. Luckily, many of the car washes out here offer unlimited cleanings for a flat monthly fee. I’ve even had both our vehicles waxed and detailed three or four times each since we moved. The cars come back looking brand new, and the wax helps against the unforgiving Arizona sun.

I’m certainly not complaining though. The mild winters, exceptional golf, new destinations, and even the unlimited car washes, will keep us here, at least for the foreseeable future.