Palmer Administrative Services Is Leading The Extended Auto Warranty World

Palmer Administrative Services is an exciting automotive protection business based in New Jersey providing car owners with the opportunity to feel a little better about their used vehicles.

Palmer Administrative Services Inc. has been providing such services for over 30 years and counting. It employs some of the most experienced personnel to ensure that each car owner can trust their services and are always in the know. The company saw a growing need for real customer care, which is something that many companies are passing on to automated answering systems or outsourcing.

The company knows that customers need help when they have an issue with their cars, and subpar services might confuse customers. This is the reason Palmer focuses on customer care, and that only scratches the surface of what clients can expect from the ever-blossoming company.

It offers a range of extended auto protection warranties or plans that are formulated to help auto owners depending on their needs. In essence, clients are happy because repair services are covered, and they can find a repair shop throughout the United States and Canada.

No one can deny that Americans need help to ensure that they can afford car repairs. Vehicles are essential to everyday life, but people do not always have enough to deal with the repairs, which can be quite high depending on what went wrong, like the transmission or a gasket. Many issues with a car could make it impossible for a car owner to even drive the car, which can make things very difficult, even for those that live in the inner city where there is access to public transportation.

Yes, public transportation is great, but it is very flawed. Schedules are not always exact, and the amount of stops a public transportation vehicle has to make delays passengers. This is bad news for anyone who has to get to work at a certain time.

Some car owners might think services like those provided by Palmer Administrative Services will cost too much, but this company provides several different solutions that fit any budget. Some of these plans cover just the basics, which should be enough for most car owners. This is especially true if car owners are good at keeping up with regular car maintenance that should prevent some mechanical failures.

People may think Palmer’s auto protection plans are too good to be true, but the truth is that the company simply wants to earn its A-rated insurance rating. It does so by making sure that each client can go through an easy claims process to ensure help is given as quickly as possible.

The plans include some of the following:

– Elite Exclusionary

– Classic

– Royal Select

– Premier

– Powertrain

– Basic

Clients who are looking for the most inexpensive plan usually go for the Basic Plan. This particular plan covers engine repairs. As everyone knows, the engine is perhaps one of the most expensive components in a car, which should offer some relief.

The other plans available to clients cover other aspects of the car such as the AC or the electrical system, just to name a few. What some car owners do before choosing is visit a mechanic for some advice regarding their cars. They ask which parts on their cars are known to fail, and they base their decisions on these suggestions.

Those who are interested should simply call Palmer Administrative Services to find out what is offered by the company or how it could be catered to the customer’s needs a little better. The experts at Palmer are ready to clarify any questions that car owners may have about their auto protection plans.