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Not all rims can fit your vehicle


The process of changing old wheels and rims through new and custom made rims are not new but not all the rims are made for all kinds of vehicles. Since vehicles, being a movable object, need to be modified with great care, it becomes essential to use right fit rims and wheels. Just because you want to have a sports car kind of look, does not mean you can compromise your safety. Wheels and rims, being the only point of contact between you and the road, need some special care and attentions from drivers and owners side.

If you want to drive on wider wheels, you have to consider the insertion depth of the rims when retrofitting. A wrong measure can not only affect safety and driving comfort, but also lead to the extinction of the operating permit.

When the offset is distant between the wheel center is (in the longitudinal direction) and the point of contact of the inner rim side and hub called (flange). In the parameters of the rim designation to this is as follows:

Incorrect penetration depth can lead to damage

The press-in depth determines how deep a wheel is in the wheel arch. There are exactly prescribed values for each vehicle. Any divergences between the offset of the wheels of the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, the use of wheels loud Road Traffic Licensing Regulations illegally.

Insufficient depth of penetration

The lower the depth of injection, the further the wheel is facing outwards. This can have different negative consequences:

The tire grinds outside the wheelhouse. (A widening of the fender can correct the problem.)

The track width increases. (It is important to ensure that the same track width is used on the front and rear axles as this may lead to an oversteering or understeering of the vehicle.)

Excessive injection depth

A too high value can also have a negative effect:

The wheel grinds inside the wheelhouse. (In such a case can Spacers help . )

The freedom of the brake is restricted. (Spacer washers can also help.)

When using spacers, longer screws must for attachment of the wheel are used. In this case, the screw dimension must be increased by the thickness of the spacer plate in comparison to the standard screws.

How do I determine the width of the rim?

The exact depth of the Escalade replica rims can be found in the relevant documents (parts certificate or general operating permit). Since these values serve as entry basis for MOT, you should always be careful when buying wheels that at least one of the documents is available. Matching rims models the correct offset can be easily and reliably find an online price comparison Order.


Who assembles Escalade replica rims with a wheel offset impermissible, risking the loss of warranty and the loss of his insurance coverage? Therefore, the dimensions of new rims should always be adjusted to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. For different ratios, one is special acceptance by TÜV necessary.