Must-Know Tips For Every Beginner Biker

There’s no doubting it: motorbikes are great. They’re fast, they look incredibly cool, and they’re way more fun to drive than that boring old car you’ve been commuting to work in for years. It’s no surprise then, that plenty of people each year decide to make the switch to the motorbike world. While it’s natural to be eager to hit the road as soon as possible, it’s crucial to be fully prepared if you want to ride safely and keep your bike and your body in good condition. Use these starter tips to prepare yourself for the awesome rides ahead.

  • Do your research. Once you’ve decided that you want to get yourself a brand new motorbike and start learning to ride, take the time to figure out which bike is best for your needs and ability level, as well as the style of biking you plan to do in the future. This isn’t the time to go impulse shopping, or to simply grab whatever bike your mates like best. Take a look at yamaha motorbikes to get a feel for some top quality models, speak to the experts who knows everything there is to know about bikes, and give yourself space and time to come to the right decision before you make a major purchase.
  • Get the right gear. Even if you plan to ride your bike to work and back everyday, you won’t be able to do it in your office clothes. Get yourself some proper protective clothing to keep your body fully covered from head to toe. You might feel comfortable in a jeans and t-shirt, but your skin will be shredded to pieces if you take a nasty fall without real protective biker gear. Invest in a great helmet, keep it closed over your face at all times, buy a jacket that will keep you warm and safe while looking super-cool, and don’t forget a proper set of boots that won’t tear open the moment your feet hit the tar.
  • Take lessons. Just because you’ve been riding a car around for years, that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly know how to ride a motorbike. This vehicle requires a totally different style and you’ll need to learn how to ride properly before you get licensed to take your new toy out for a spin. Join a licensed training course or hire a personal motorbike instructor to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you get going.
  • Practice driving defensively. Drivers are generally advised to drive defensively on the road, but this is even more important when you’re on a motorbike instead of a car. Car drivers are notoriously bad at keeping an eye out for motorbikes around them while they drive, so assume that everyone around you isn’t paying any attention and stay alert and defensive at all times. Look ahead at all times for any possible hazards and keep your eyes focused to anticipate any signs of danger.
  • Maintain your bike. Once you’ve bought the bike of your dreams and are finally riding it around in style, remember to keep it in great condition so you can drive it comfortably for years to come. Keep an eye on the oil level and tire pressure, and give it regular washes and waxes.