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Maruti Suzuki Celerio X First Drive Review


The all-new Celerio X is just class of its own. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate with, in other words, it speaks your language. The Maruti Suzuki Celerio design is so amazing and elegant and bursts with beauty. The performance of this machine is something to be proud and not only that the car is quite stylish, sleek and sporty to give a unique appearance once you hit the road.

What makes it amazing? The vehicle is a whole package that comes with the following amazing features and more.

An attractive exterior

Everyone wants to look confident and outstanding, and this is what you get with the Celerio X. The car is bold and sporty and gives a youthful look anytime. It is the kind of car that makes you feel a whole lot younger. Everyone wants that, right? The vehicle features an exciting blend of orange accents and black hues as well as X-graphic to give you that bold entry anywhere you want to go.

Up-to-date technology

The Celerio X is trendy and up to date with the latest technology all designed to enhance your driving experience to a whole new level. Most noticeable is the AGS technology used to manufacture the car. It just makes driving so easy and effortless as much as possible. To add to this high tech the Celerio X has steering mounted audio controls to ensure that you never get bored throughout your travels.

Excellent engine

There is always some satisfaction that comes whenever you turn on the ignition and feel a distinguished burst of energy from the car. Well the Celerio X has the K-next engine with Drive by Wire technology and enables you to explore its power and also saves fuel.

Safe even for beginners

Any car should have safety measures because a simple mistake can prove to be costly. The Celerio X comes with impressive safety features including driver airbags in every variant, Anti-locking Braking System and pedestrian, offset and side impact compliant. This car does not leave any stone unturned, and driving will be smooth without being worried about what may or may not happen.

The Celerio X has a wide range of options and is available in Vxi, Vxi AMT, Vxi (O), Zxi, Zxi AMT, Zxi (Optional) and Zxi (O) guises. The color comes with different options which include Solid Paprika Orange, Arctic White, Glistening Grey, Caffeine Brown, and Torque Blue. However, Paprika Orange is the car’s signature color.

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio X operates using a four-wheel drive and power is transmitted to the front wheels via a five-speed manual or through auto gear shift (AGS). The car uses petrol and has a seating capacity of five people and has spacious boot space in case there is some luggage to carry on a vacation or a holiday.

Super affordable

The Celerio X is an affordable car, and you can be assured that what you get exceeds the value of your money.

This model is not only comfortable to drive, but also, it is also very attractive on the outside. For many car lovers, performance is always the most crucial aspect, and the Celerio X is as good as they get and does not pose any trouble in operating it.