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Insurance Breaking News Marketing Tips


If there is breaking news about the products or service you offer, be at alert and find a creative way to make a connection, and take action immediately. This is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get media coverage that gets attention in the marketplace.

Assuming an earthquake happens and affects about half of the entire world, killing thousands in a city that is believed to have the lowest risk of earthquakes. If you have an insurance company like Ultimate Insurance, this will give you an opportunity to give advice as to whether those persons living in your area should get earthquake coverage or not.

Small business owners like insurance agents are sitting on opportunities but do not know it, yet they search for marketing solutions for their agency in the wrong places.

One way insurance agents should get new insurance leads and grow their business is through insurance breaking news. To obtain new insurance leads, many insurance agents are willing to do just anything. However, when they buy the leads from different providers, they will be getting the same leads that everyone else is getting.

What insurance agents should do instead is to get insurance leads in an easy way by the use of direct response marketing. One of the best places to obtain ideas on how to present your marketing is the local news.

Consider the sound bites used by the news to make you see what they will be showing when it’s time for the news. This method works and this is why almost everyone watches the news. Here is an example: “A Local business owner fights back”. Such statement generates curiosity and makes you want to know what they are fighting about.

If the news says “local business owner fights back and takes a swipe at high gas prices”, this will be more detailed and will generate a stronger desire to know more. Just with the addition of the words “takes a swipe at high gas prices”, people who would read this are compelled to desire for more details. And the involuntary response for most people would be to try to know more about the story.

So the point is you should be doing some research by watching and reading the news not because of the content but to observe the method of delivery and then apply the knowledge to marketing that will generate insurance leads.

Another example which insurance agents can use to create insurance leads is as follows: Shocking News from Local Insurance Agent, Reveals Drivers Are at Risk. Could You Lose It All? Get Details by Calling 24hr FREE Recorded message 800-123-4567. This sounds like a sound bite for the news hence, it will get the attention of your prospect.

It breaks the usual way of offering a free car insurance quote north York. Agents could just enter their town of residence and give details about a claim that could lead to financial ruin due to poor coverage and also explain their unique process to give assurance that this would not occur to the prospect.

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