How To Save Money On Car Insurance

Auto insurance can be very expensive and the premiums can be even more expensive. However, depending on the car you have, you can get the best insurance and even save money without getting auto equity loans.

Make Use of Low Mileage Discounts

There are certain car insurance companies that offer low mileage discounts. You can make use of these in order to save money on car insurance. Certain companies offer discounts on motorists who drive less than a few average miles every year. Discounts generally tend to vary but you can always make use of low mileage discounts in order to save money on car insurance.

Compare Different Insurance Costs

If you are looking for ways to save money on car insurance, you can do so by first comparing different insurance costs. For instance, if you buy a new vehicle, you can first check how to insure it. Auto insurance premiums are usually based on the price of the car so you have to see and assess the cost it will take to repair it. You can safely research on different safety rankings and see which insurance cost is the least. Comparing different insurance costs is one of the ways to save money on car insurance.

Boost the Deductible

When someone chooses a deductible amount for their car insurance, they tend to stick with it. In order to lower your yearly out of pocket expenses, you can increase the amount you pay for the fender benders.

A car wreck will tend to cost you more but if you have a safe driving history in general, you can save up a lot of money. You can use hassle free loans or your yearly savings.  You can always get paid more if the threat is deductible.


Carpooling is a great way of saving money. You can join a car pool as it has a lot of benefits. For instance, if you are carpooling with three different individuals, you cannot only reduce car costs but you can also save up to 75 percent. This is a great way to save money on car insurance. A majority of the companies track mileage. If you have something under 7,500 miles, it’s a good rate and actually the lowest. If your mileage is over 13,000 miles you’ll be paying a bigger rate.

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The total amount of money that you spend depends on a variety of different factors. However, carpooling can help you save a lot of money and one that should be tried if you want to save money on car insurance.

Group Insurance Is the Way

If you are looking for ways to save money on car insurance, you can also ask about getting group insurance.  There are certain companies that offer decent reductions to drivers who get insurance through a group plan or a professional. There are other associations that can help you save money off car insurance. If you are looking for ways to save money on car insurance, a good way is to go for group insurance.

Reduce Coverage on the Older Cars

You can also reduce coverage on older cars. It does pay to review the coverage at renewal time in order to make sure that you are not paying too much for your insurance. If your car is worth less than about 10 times of the premium, then you should try to purchase the coverage that will be cost effective. You can consider dropping collision coverage. It’s easy to research and it can help you save money.

Check Different Options

Prices of car insurance differ and vary from company to company. Therefore, it will pay to shop around. When you are going for car insurance, try to get at least 3 different quotes. You can call in different companies and research important information online.

You can get these quotes from different types of insurance companies. Some of them will sell through different agents, others will sell through independent agents who offer different policies from different providers. There are a number of companies who sell directly on the internet and over the phone.

Moreover, price is not the only factor that you should be looking at. You should try to see and ask your friends if they have any recommendations. You should try to contact the state regarding any consumer complaints that there might be. Try to work with a professional and check one who answers your calls.

Have a Good Credit History

Another way that you can save money on car insurance is to maintain a good credit history. By establishing a solid credit history, you can significantly lower your insurance costs. The majority of insurers try to use different credit information in order to determine the price of auto insurance policies. In order to ensure that you have good credit, try to check your credit on a daily basis and make sure that the information that you get is relevant.

Having and maintaining a good credit history can bring down your costs to a significant degree and help you save a lot of money in general.

You do not want to lapse on your auto insurance policy, so any money you can save is well worth the effort. Saving money on car insurance becomes easy if you are mindful of a few things. Some of these have been listed above.

Author Bio: Deven Giles is a graphic designer and photographer unleashed as a content marketer. When he’s not writing about loans or saving money, he’s scraping his pennies together for a Camaro.