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How Do I Get My Car Back When it has Been Impounded?


Modern traffic laws prohibit many things, and in the event the driver of a car is either uninsured or does not possess a valid driving licence, the police are empowered to seize the vehicle. Once that occurs, apart from the expense of storage fees, the owner of the vehicle must show proof of ownership, and that the impounded car is insured, before they can reclaim it.

The process

If the police decide to impound a vehicle, it will either be towed away by a registered company, or a police driver will take it to the storage facility. The owner of the vehicle is notified, and if the vehicle hasn’t been collected within 14 days, it will either be crushed or sold at auction, with the money being used to assist the department. That doesn’t leave a lot of time, and with a long list of documents to prepare, it can be more than a little stressful.

Reclaiming the vehicle

The majority of regular insurance companies will not cover impounded cars, simply because there is likely to be an impending court case, as the car is usually impounded when an offence has been committed. Fortunately, there are specialised companies like Impounded Car Insurance that offer immediate insurance cover for impounded cars, which avoids heavy fees and a lot of inconvenience.


Driving without a licence

If a person were driving their newly purchased car home in preparation for passing their driving test, and were stopped by the police, the police would impound the vehicle on the spot. In order to reclaim the car, the owner must nominate someone with a valid driving licence to take possession of the car, and that person must also show valid impounded car insurance before the officials will allow the vehicle to depart.

Driving without insurance

A serious offence, and it will result in the car being impounded immediately, and not only will the driver have a pending court case, he or she will also have to arrange for seized car insurance. When claiming the car, the owner must produce a valid driving licence, proof of ownership, and valid impounded car insurance.

Other offences

There are many other reasons why a car might be impounded, if a vehicle has broken down, and the police consider it a hazard, they can have it towed away. Parking in restricted zones can also end up with the car being impounded, and the police have the right to seize a vehicle if it is considered the driver failed to stop when requested.

A choice of policies

A reputable insurer will have a short term policy of thirty days, which is ideal for a person that isn’t sure what to do with the car, or you could take out an annual policy, which is in effect for the duration of the policy.

If you should have the misfortune to have your car impounded, contact a specialist insurer, and you’ll have your car back before the storage fees get too high.