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Here’s How You Can Find a Pocket-Friendly Car Insurance


Researchers claim that 80% of the population are unable to find themselves a good deal on car insurance. They end up spending a fortune on it and miss the golden opportunities to get themselves a good deal. But, in these fast times, you need to play smarter so that these insurance expenses don’t simply burn a hole in your pocket. Albeit it is essential to get a car insurance, underestimating and ignoring it just to save yourself some money is a grave mistake. So keep yourself updated and play smart when it comes to buying a good deal for your sweet ride. Here’s what you can do.

Stay sharp when choosing car insurance

If you deal smartly, you’ll land yourself the best deal. Firstly, examine your insurance needs because we need to determine your requirements, if you do not follow this step, you’ll simply waste your hard-earned money. You might also land up in a deal that will not help you at all.

Secondly, if you think that landing up in a cheap deal will solve everything, then you are wrong. It is not about buying a cheap deal. It’s about finding a deal that will suit your needs, has 24*7 customer service, claim settlement services, renewal processing etc.

It is essential to check the financial status of the insurer

When you are looking for suitable car insurance, make a checklist. This checklist should include enquiring about the financial status of the company, claim settlement ratio and the scope of customer service. This will help you take a feasible decision about car insurance. Also, it is essential that you mainly enquire about the claim settlement ratio, if it is higher, then it means that the company has the capacity to handle a claim smoothly.

Deductibles should not be underestimated

Here is the trick of the trade, if the deductibles are lower, then premium rates will be high. You need to play a little smart here. Make sure you pick a deal where deductibles are reasonable and it wouldn’t bug your wallet to pay for them in the future.

Whom to approach: Agent or Broker?

They might seem similar, but there’s a difference between the two. The former sells the insurance deal of a single insurance company, whereas the latter offers you a variety of insurance deals, you just got to filter those according to your requirements. But if you deem yourself as self-dependent, you can also prefer to buy an insurance deal online, but make sure you measure all the aspects and facts of it so that you do not end up spending a fortune on your car insurance.


If you haven’t claimed your discount yet, you’ll be awarded No Claim Bonus. NCB is awarded for every claim-free year as a discount on your premium. It ranges from 20 to 50 percent for five years.

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