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Handy Pointers to Help Maintain Your Car Windscreen


Maintenance of a car is of paramount importance, just as much as owning one is. Most car owners are aware of this fact and thus ensure they are regular with the servicing and maintenance of their vehicle.

Some of the most basic car maintenance tips include paying attention to the interiors and exteriors of the car. The interiors of the car must be kept clean and odour free. The upholstery must be regularly cleaned and vacuumed. Air conditioning must also be checked for it to work in all kinds of weather conditions. Other points on the checklist include cleaning exteriors of the car by removing mud or dust. Along with that, the tyres must regularly be checked to ensure they are at the best tyre pressure for driving. Also, the oil and coolant, plus the battery must be checked at regular intervals and charged when necessary.

In this whole checklist of car maintenance ‘must do’s’, the one thing that is often forgotten is the windscreen and windows.

Maintenance tips for car glass

The periodic maintenance of the windscreens is equally essential as that of the tyres. The windscreen must be handled with utmost safety and care since even minor carelessness can turn out to be expensive in monetary terms and affect safety on the road. It is important not to ignore even a small crack or scratch on the windscreen. However minor it is, the windscreen damage must immediately be taken for car glass repair. An experienced and expert glass repair company is recommended since they can handle the repairs with ease.

A windscreen is the glass that holds the roof together and aids the driver to see what lies ahead. Thus any damage to this windscreen can be dangerous and a safety issue. In varying weather conditions, rain, snow, wind or dust, it protects the driver and allows them to drive without obstructions. However, as the dust and dirt accumulates on the surface of the windscreen, it reduces visibility and could be the reason for accidents. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the surface of the windscreen regularly to prevent such unsafe situations. Also, it does not cost much to keep the windscreens clean.

The best way to clean the glass surface of the windscreen is to use an auto glass cleaner spray and a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Start with first wiping the inner side of the glass with dry cloth. Then spray the glass cleaner and wipe it clean from all sides, including the corners of the glass using the opposite surface of the microfiber cloth. Next, you can move to the outer surface. You can either wipe it first or put on a hose to get all the dust off. Next up is the glass cleaner spray. Make sure to use another clean cloth for the exteriors.

An additional tip to make the glass surface shine and stand out is to pour vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe the glass surfaces with it. This will result in a gleaming, sparkling clean windscreen surface.

A clean and maintained car often reflects on the personality and habits of the owner. Thus a clean and gleaming car helps create a positive image of you and that is incentive enough to be regular with your car maintenance, including the windscreens.