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Four Tips to Choose the Perfect Motor Trade Insurance Policy


Car traders must invest in motor trade insurance if they wish to trade in a legitimate way. Such insurance is a requirement for dealers who sells or trades vehicles. However, you cannot just agree to the first deal you come across with because you might not end up with the best policy. Understand that b ad policy will cost you money. If you wish to find a great policy, you have to know the basics of this kind of insurance. Below are some tips which will come in hand if you renew your existing deal.

Check the Price

Every business doesn’t have money to waste so you will want to get cheaper traders insurance. Look for a cheap policy in a comparison site. Ensure you enter the right details so the website can find a legitimate quote for you. Basically, you will waste money on an insurance policy which will never be your safety net. Do not lie in terms of insurance as the stakes are too high.


Read and Understand the Small Print

There is nothing worse than knowing you didn’t actually buy comprehensive coverage so make sure you check the fine print. Take time analyzing it and seeing the areas that leave you vulnerable. To come up with the best coverage possible, add them in.

Consider Customer Testimonials

Testimonials of a company’s previous customers can be used to find out if a company practices what it preaches. You can trust what other customers say because they have no reason to lie. The majority of people speak to build up their reputation; however, customers are different. Look for a forum and post a question. Use the answers as basis for an insurance company’s reputation.


Play Insurers against Each Other

Keep in mind that insurance providers compete for your business.  They wish to take money of each other to increase their market share. So they will poach customers to achieve this. Since you have understood the dynamics, use this to your advantage. Visit a competitor and tell them about the cheapest quote you found. Any rival will want to give you a better quote to get their service chosen. Even if the cost is the same, you can expect them to offer add-ons to make the deal more appealing. But most of the times you don’t have to visit insurance companies because they will come to you.