Five Qualities to Look for Before Hiring a Mechanic

We all deal with car problems from time to time. Even the newest vehicles require maintenance work every year to keep the car’s mechanics working efficiently. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a reputable mechanic who you’ll feel comfortable bringing your car to when it needs work. People often associate making a trip to the mechanic with a hefty bill or additional “found” problems that they didn’t know were there. Here are five qualities to look for before hiring a mechanic to have the best experience possible:

Qualities Every Mechanic Should Have

– Good Reputation

The mechanic of your choosing needs to have a good, solid reputation. If you’re going to an automotive shop you’ve never been to before, ask around to see what other people’s opinions are on that particular option. Read reviews before setting foot inside a shop to avoid a bad experience. People are often unbiased when reviewing mechanic shops online, so you’ll get some insightful feedback by doing your research before you’re the one writing the negative review.

– Reasonable Stable Prices

A good auto mechanic shop needs to have reasonably affordable and stable pricing. If they give you one price over the phone and you go in to find the work is a lot more than what you initially heard, this is not the type of shop you’ll want to go to. Working with a shop that adds additional fees or hikes up its prices while your car is being worked on will result in a frustrating experience and a large, expensive bill. Stick with a local Spokane auto repair company that gives you a good price for repairs and sticks to those numbers indefinitely.

– Licensed

All mechanics working publicly on vehicles need to be operating with a license. Don’t be afraid to ask the mechanic if they possess a license and if others working in the shop are also licensed. Just because the owner of the shop is licensed doesn’t mean that the people who are actually working on your car have the skill set and education to do good work. You are the one paying for the work and you have all right to ask if a mechanic is licensed before choosing to hire them.

– Strong Communication Skills

Your mechanic needs to have strong communication skills and keep in touch with you throughout the process of repairing your vehicle. If you go into a shop and the owner seems annoyed by your presence and can’t wait for you to leave, you’re better off in a different shop. The mechanic should exude a sense of pride in taking you on as a new customer to work on your car and you should never feel as though you’re an inconvenience to their schedule. The mechanic needs to keep in close contact with you if you have to leave while the car is being worked on, keeping you updated on any changes or issues they’ve encountered.

– Updated Technology and Available Tool Inventory

The shop of your choosing should have updated technology and a large assortment of available tools and inventory. One problem that many mechanic shops face is that they have to first order parts before they can even begin working on a car. Not only does this increase the price of your repairs because the shop has to overnight parts, but you’ll have to wait to have the work done. You should pick a shop that has parts available without needing to order every little thing that your car should need. The establishment should be working with the latest auto technology to provide efficient and effective repair work.