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Does it make sense to buy a used car in Mumbai?


Have you recently moved in Mumbai? Are you looking to buy a car that would not hit hard on your savings? Then this article is probably for you. There are some people who think of a used car as a piece of pale yellow clunker seated in the corner of a vehicle lot loaded with lots of rusted rims. It could be further shabby, chipped paint and a big tag announcing that the car is ready for re-sale. Some even pictures a caricature of a sombre car salesman standing beside the car dressed in a plaid suit with heavy moustaches aiming to sell crappy cars at high prices to innocent customers. But this precarious image is not accurate for the most part.

Top benefits of a used car

It’s true that there are a few despicable middle men with their poor quality vehicles. But today you can find a huge number of certified used cars in Mumbai that cater to your needs and specifications. When you opt for a used car instead of buying a brand new car from a posh showroom, you can actually reap in a lot of benefits. Budget is really a constraint among most middle-class families, so more and more people are looking for certified well-off used cars that have not lost their sheen but have shed off quite some price.

Affordable pricing

  • Choose from a wide range- Has the new SUV recently got your attention? Are you willing to own it? Are you a bit laid back by its pricing? If your answer to all these questions is “yes” then please take a look at the same model presented by Truebil. Here you can get the same car with the same specifications in your favorite color from Truebil. But the advantage here is you don’t have to pay all that you were liable of while buying from an elegant showroom and in turn, you can save quite a lump sum amount.
  • Flawless countenance- All that lovely scent of a new car and great upholstery without even a trace of a single flaw fits within your budget when you go for a used car. Isn’t it really great? It’s true that new cars are appreciable but the price you have to pay for that new smell could bring havoc in your savings.
  • Lower pricing- If you are backing off just because the interest rates with used cars are slightly higher than that of a new car, then you must note that a research conducted on bank rates, reported that a mean of 4 years interest rate on new cars is 4% whereas that of a used car is just higher by 0.99%. Even with the high rates, you will have to pay a very meager total bill when you opt for used cars in Mumbai.
  • Insurance rates- You may be the first generation car buyer in your family and so you are overpowered with the thoughts of buying a brand new car. Even then it is always advised by car experts to give usedcars in Mumbaia chance. Like it goes with financing, insurance rates are normally affected by the age of the car, but it is important to consider here that a used car is much cheaper than a new one. And with the thorough assistance of Truebil you can get a detailed idea when in need of financing and insurance.
  • Choice of an outdated model- If you are backing off just because used cars cannot be built to order, you will be happy to get a lot of choices among cars with models that are no more manufactured or a wheel design that is no longer in production. This wide range of selection adds to the available options and you can easily get the model that you have been looking for.

Advantages of availing Truebil services

Each and every car listed with Truebil is certified after a thorough hand inspection and verification. They are all non-accidental and weighed on 150 checkpoints and Truebil will assist you in transferring papers and availing loan as well as insurance. If you feel that buying a used car will bring about unnecessary hassle and delay, then you would be happy to know that Truebil helps you to find a car of your choice in a very short span with the ownership transferred and delivered right at your doorstep.