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Classic Cars of the Old are Collectors Delight


Automobile technology has been rising constantly. It would not be wrong to suggest that driverless innovation, self-parking and features such as surround sound and hot seat is a great example of innovation and evolution. However, there would be several people having great affinity towards older vehicles. The classic cars were entirely different in terms of designs and drive. Acorn Stairlifts looks for some of the favourite models of the yesteryears.

Ford Mustang – America

The sporty appearance of the car made it instant favourite amongst the younger generation. The car was popular because of its performance-oriented image. The sixth generation of car is popular with the people and still being sold today.

Mini –Britain

Popular with the British and the world, the car became an instant hit in the British market, making history in sales. The car offered adequate leg space and luggage room in the boot and under the seat. The Mini also came with 10-inch tyres to maximize interior space.

Fiat 500 – Italy

The Fiat 500, also known as Topolino was popular for its lowered aerodynamic nose. It made the car appear different from the other available models having flatter grille. In addition, the car was light in weight with respect to its counterparts. The car provided adequate space for passengers and luggage. The compact engine placed sideways added to the space saving needs in the car.

Volkswagen Beetle – Germany

Popular for its name and unique design, the Beetle offered adequate space for passengers and luggage. The iconic profile makes it highly popular with the people even in the present times.

Most collectors would take pride in their collection of classic cars. They would replace the older worn out parts with newer parts, revamping the classic cars to the best of their condition. The price of these classic cars would be dependent on the model, mileage and quality of vehicle.