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Car Care Tips from Bloomington Auto Dealers


Like – or maybe even more – than other possessions that you constantly use, your car requires regular maintenance.  Apart from taking it to the auto shop for check-ups once or twice a year, you should also give it your personal attention in-between those visits. Bloomington auto dealers number one advice for car ownersis to keep the vehicle in tip-top shape.

There are many things that you need to keep an eye out for, some of which are:

Oils, Grease, and Lubrication

Failing to change oil regularly is one of the biggest contributors to the deterioration of a car engine. Therefore, make it a point to check and change your car’s oil, as well as the other fluids under the hood.  This includes the brake fluid, transmission oil, and coolant in your cooling system, among others.

Also, lubricate the driveline components and apply grease to moving parts to keep their movements smooth and unhindered.

Tires and Spare

It goes without saying that your tires need to have proper air pressure.  Apart from causing accidents, under-inflated tires can also increase fuel usage because it takes the engine more effort to move your car.

Air pressure inside the tires may change due to changes in temperature, so it’s necessary to regularly check this through a tire pressure gauge.  Maintaining the right amount of air pressure also helps in making your tires last longer.

Apart from air pressure, also have your tires checked to see if they are rotating properly, that they are aligned and balanced, and that they have not gotten too thin.  Bloomington auto dealers that have tire services can check these out for you.


Many things can contribute to your brakes not working properly.  For instance, when the brake shoes wear out and get too thin, the brake rotor might become damaged. Also, sudden stops from high-speeds can hurt your brakes, as can heavy loads.

Apart from regularly bleeding and flushing your car’s brake fluid, make sure to check and change your brake pads when their thickness is no longer sufficient.

Interior and Exterior

Keeping your car clean not only makes it look good, you’ll also feel better driving it.  Wash it thoroughly, including the underside, to get rid of any dirt and grime stuck on your windshield, windows, side view mirrors, wheels, bumper, and so on. A coat of wax also keeps the paint shiny and protected.

Vacuum every nook and cranny of the interior, including under the seats and carpet.  This will keep organisms from building up.

To keep the interior of your car clean, especially if you constantly give your kids or friends a ride, place a trashcan inside.  Also, always have a tissue ready to immediately wipe off spills. Another thing you can do is have a hanging pocket organizer where you can put items like a hand sanitizer, a flashlight, and so on.

There are many other nifty tips and tricks in keeping your car in top condition, but the most important is giving it your time.  Even Bloomington auto dealers will tell you that paying attention to your car means making it last longer as well as keeping its value higher than its less-maintained counterparts.