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3 Key Features For Your New Vehicle


Every year, new vehicles become increasingly sophisticated in their design and performance. With so many potential features to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which are the most important. We, at Chrysler Indianapolis, would enjoy showing you some of the great features that our vehicles can offer. Here are a few vehicle extras that you’ll benefit the most from having.

Sensors and Reversing Cameras

Gone are the days when you simply backed up and hoped for the best. Even for drivers with decades of experience on the road, this feature is still a huge help. Fitting into tight parking spots can be difficult even for expert drivers. There is also the possibility of backing over things that are impossible to see if you don’t have this feature.

This “extra” is much more than a luxury item. In many cases, it saves lives. There is no longer the fear of backing up on a young child or toddler. Everything is perfectly in view, keeping yourself and others safe in the process. The sensors will also help you to avoid items such as trash cans and shrubs.

A Full-Sized Spare Tire

This one is easy to overlook when searching for a new vehicle. There are so many other features and services that take the limelight. As manufacturers attempt to cut down on space, some are ditching a full-sized spare tire. Having one gives you extra peace of mind when on the roadways and ensures that you won’t get stranded somewhere unsafe or undesirable.

Rear Seatbelt Warning

Arguably, the most crucial place to have prompting warnings on seatbelts is in the back of vehicles. Parents may be in a hurry and forget to buckle in their child, putting them in danger in the process. Some children are also prone to unbuckle themselves while their parents are driving and parents have no way of knowing that this has happened. Unfortunately, many new vehicles do not yet have this feature. If you can find it, your children are sure to be safer as a result. This can also save you from fines if your local law enforcement officer discovers that your child is not secured in your vehicle.

High Safety Ratings

Most new vehicles come with a five-star safety rating. That isn’t to say that all vehicles with that rating are equal in their overall safety abilities or that they offer the same safety features. Some vehicles come with the minimum number of airbags to keep the highest rating. Other vehicles come with more than the minimum. It’s always a good idea to compare specific safety features of vehicles with other new models even if they have the same safety rating.

Of course, there are other features that you’ll find important including an extended warranty, navigation and automatic headlights. The best thing to do is prioritize what you are willing to do without and what you want. You’ll find a wide range of car features to choose from at Chrysler Indianapolis. Feel free to drop by for a test drive whenever it’s convenient for you.